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freeflex®+ with Luer Lock Port

freeflex+ IV bags are designed to help reduce the risk of infusion errors, needle stick injury and waste.
  • Needleless connection – Luer Lock port reduces the risk of needle stick injury or bag puncture.
  • Self-sealing septums – Both freeflex+ IV ports contain a self-sealing septum to help prevent leaks after removing the Luer Lock or spike, potentially reducing risk of hazardous exposure.
  • Swabbable, reusable Luer Lock port – Easy to disinfect between injections. Up to 5 injections possible without affecting the resealing property of the injection port.
  • Sterility protection – Both ports contain easy break-off caps, providing visual tamper evidence to ensure sterility prior to use.

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Helping improve the safety of IV drug delivery.

freeflex+ IV Bags are Non-PVC and Non-DEHP1

  • Eliminates patient exposure to toxic DEHP, contained in PVC1

freeflex+ IV bags can be used across your facility for the broadest clinical application.

1. Healthcare Without Harm. Why Health Care is Moving Away from Hazardous Plastic Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). 6 April 2006.

We asked pharmacists and nurses what they wanted in an IV bag. Then we built it.

To design freeflex+ IV bags, Fresenius Kabi collaborated with nurses, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. We listened carefully to their issues and frustrations regarding their day-to-day experiences. Together, we designed simplicity and safety into every detail of the innovative freeflex+ IV bag.

All the features and advantages of freeflexwith a unique Luer Lock injection port to facilitate needleless drug addition. A plus in safety for you and your patients.

Added Benefits of freeflex+

  • Unique light blue and dark blue ports indicate flow and function to help prevent errors and have wide spacing for easy handling.
  • Clear, easy-open overwrap.

freeflex+ Swabbable Luer Lock Port

  • Luer Lock-compatible injection port prevents needle stick injuries and minimizes risk of bag damage, leakages and contamination of patients or staff
  • Swabbable, reusable injection port ensures safe and convenient disinfection between multiple drug additions
  • Self-sealing septums in both ports help prevent leakages
  • Port accommodates a variety of male Luer Lock syringes

Easy Push & Turn Attachment

  • Only half a turn of a Luer Lock-equipped transfer adapter or syringe is needed to reach the end position for a safe and tight connection with the bag
  • Minimal force is required to push through the self-sealing septum with a syringe or vial adapter

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